About Us

WorldsLargest.us features the really BIG sights to see in the USA.  This site features everything from the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City Kansas to the World’s Largest Sea Shell at a Texaco Station in Key West, Florida.

William M. Windsor created the WorldsLargest.us website, and he is the author of the content contained herein.  A detailed Biography of Bill Windsor can be reviewed on his personal website.

About Mr. Windsor

William Windsor is most definitely a serial entrepreneur.  He was only 19-years-old and a junior at Texas Tech University when he started his first business.  He has owned over 50 companies since then.  He has also been CEO of a Bain Capital company and President of a company owned by Goldman Sachs.

Following the sale of a business to The Washington Post in 2001, Bill began planning a vacation.  He and his wife wanted to see the sights in America that most people miss.  The plan was to just take off and drive on two-lane roads.

50-State Road Trips — Two of Them

But after years of discussing the trip, they finally set a date — April 1.  Bill proposed that they drive to all 50 states, and his wife agreed.  Bill mapped out two laps around America that would enable them to hit all 50 states.  Virtually the entire trip was to be on two-lane roads.  The 50-state road trip was named Round America.

Bill read dozens of travel books and spent months doing internet research.  He created a giant excel spreadsheet listing each town they would visit or pass through.  He identified sights they would see — everything from the Grand Canyon to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

And off they went.  If it was BIG, they planned to see it.  They saw and photographed hundreds of BIG things.

Ten years later, William Windsor took a second 50-state road trip.  He had identified other World’s Largest Things that he wanted to visit and photograph.

This information was put onto a website, and then one day, it all disappeared.  The hosting company went out of business, and years of work vanished in the night.

Bill is working on a database that will bring the WorldsLargest.us back to life.  Right here.